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Picture This 60s Flower Power and 80s photo shoot part 2

The second batch of my photos from my photo shoot a few weeks ago. I’m trying to pic favourite images, but really struggling! Definitely printing a few off to put up on the wall 🙂 Can’t wait for the next shoot, ……it will be significantly less cheery though! Dark Circus is the theme! Wonder what we’ll come up with!

2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 401Possibly this is my favourite. …not sure whats going on with the watermark though! First time watermarking photos and don’t think I quite did it right 🙁



Or maybe I prefer this one?2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 498

I really don’t know, and to be honest I don’t need to choose so its all good! Thanks again to the wonderful make up artists and models 🙂

make up artists Caz and Amanda

models Ceri Juliet Liz and Megan


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