I want to make people happy not sad, so I’m doing everything I can to keep Fragment Designs as ethical a business as possible!

All silver wire and sheet is eco silver, which is guaranteed recycled silver. This means all my silver wedding rings, are entirely recycled and my earrings pendants etc are nearly all. I can’t source guaranteed recycled chains and ear backs,

I wish I could, its not a price thing they’re just not available at the moment.

I also now as of 2019 use only eco gold or recycled gold in my rings, I’m delighted that I can finally offer this across all colours and carats of gold.

My pieces are shipped in a easily recycled cardboard box, and my new packaging is a box made from recycled cardboard which itself can be recycled and a small pouch which I hope you will use to store the jewellery when its not being worn rather then throwing it away. 

I use Royal Mail for all my UK deliveries and all bar my most expensive international orders, not couriers that employ people “self employed” on zero hour contracts!


To the best of my knowledge I only buy from suppliers that treat their staff and environment as well as possible. My boxes come from a supplier based in the EU and my bags from a UK supplier, my main metals supplier is based in the UK, as is my gemstone supplier, my promotional materials. are all produced in the UK, predominantly from recycled paper or card.  In fact my only non UK supplier is for 14ct white and rose gold as I could’t find a UK supplier, and that’s from a lovely Dutch company.


Finally I pay all my taxes in the UK. I pay my due, my profits go into feeding myself, my hubby and our little girl. I support my local economy and where possible other small sellers like myself. I don’t hide money in a tax shelter, I don’t employ an accountant to find loop holes. I pay what I owe and I’m happy to, because if we all do our part there’s no stopping us!