In a small house in Caerphilly there lives a girl, a boy, an adorable toddler and a little spare room full of tools and smiles and fun. It’s a happy magical creative place and it’s home.

I used to be a science teacher but Bunsen burners and lasers just didn’t cut it anymore so I took the giant leap, quit my job and became a full time goldsmith …that’s the technical term even though I usually work in silver. Some people meditate; I saw, burn and hammer metal and I’m a happier better adjusted person for it ?

My jewellery is all made by me, by hand, in my studio in Caerphilly. With my stone setting done by my husband Conan. I work predominantly in sterling silver and much of my work reflects the fact that my favourite tool is my piercing saw. I also work in gold, copper, glass, and enamel, and I’m constantly adding new media to fit the designs in my head.

A quick look at my jewellery will tell you a lot about my interests; I love animals especially bunnies. I love science, and now have both a dinosaur-themed range of jewellery and a range based around the constellations of the night sky.

One of my favourite ways to spend time is walking through the woods and this has blossomed into my wedding range of botanical rings, earrings, cuff links and pendants, featuring your choice of Oak, Ash, Fern, Grape, Cedar or Horse Chestnut leaves.

I’m always up for a new challenge so commissions are 100% welcome.

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