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Picture This 60s Flower Power and 80s photoshoot.

I’ve not been around here much lately, I’ve been having too much fun! Running around like a loon with my camera and getting organised for an epic Cardiff and Valleys Etsy Made Local in December! Hope yo’ve been having as much fun!

One the highlights of the last while was a few weeks ago when I had the chance to go take photos of some beautiful models who’d been painted extra beautiful by some ace make up artists.

I had a ball! I’ve never really had a chance to take posed portrait style photos before so it was a huge learning curve and there is quite a few things I would do differently next time, but I’m really really happy with how the photos turned out. We had lovely weather and a park nearby which was perfect, as well as a nice red phone box to suit the 60s theme. Everyone involved was fantastic and even in the down time waiting for a model I learnt lots just chatting to the other photographers.

A big thanks to the amazing models and the ace make up artists Caz and Amanda




2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 321

Juliet 2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 054

Liz2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 180

Megan2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 503


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