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The City of the Unexpected

Cardiff went a little crazy this weekend and showed just how amazing and weird a place it can be. To mark what would have been local boy Roald Dahls 100th Birthday the city became the City of the Unexpected, in honour of his more then a little manic stories.

Like nearly everyone else in the English (and a good portion of the non English) speaking world I read all his books as a kid, ….when I was done I think they got passed back and forth across the Irish Sea between about 8 different cousins before the very battered books made it back to me in my late teens. Even though its been 20+ years since I read them I thought I remembered a good amount, and I thought I would know what to expect, but the event lived up to its unexpected name. The giant peach ok, I saw that one coming…it was huge, hard to miss, but the tightrope walking Mr Fox, wow! That was amazing! And I’d forgotten all about the ministry of predictability, until I got told off by them 🙁 Meanies!



It was a truly epic event! I was only there Saturday daytime, I just didn’t have the stamina to stay longer! And I missed so so so much even while I was there! But here’s my pictures from the day and I encourage you to get on twitter and instagram and search #unexpectedcity #thecityoftheunexpected

I for one think this should become an annual thing, and for what its worth I preferred the smaller bits like the farmers walking around shouting for the fox, and the save the fox crowd a half hour later, the dream jars were beautiful, and the animal wall was just amazing!

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