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Januarys’ Surprise Animal of the month is …. the Hedgehog

This months surprise animal is the hedgehog and this month they are available as both cufflinks and earrings!

There is a choice of 4 cufflinks to mix and match and 3 earrings.

Here in the UK, hedgehog numbers are rapidly declining due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to habitat destruction, road accidents and poisoning from slug pellets etc.

There are some great people trying to help them out, among these is the amazing local charity Hedgehog Helpline, and I’d like to give them a helping hand. So for the month of January 20% of all hedgehog related sales will go directly to Hedgehog helpline. At the start of February I will add the sales up and make the donation, I’d love for it to be a nice big donation!

If you aren’t looking to buy some jewellery, you can always donate directly, or if that’s outside your means currently why don’t you make your garden/neighbourhood hedgehog friendly, there are lots of tips and links over on the Hedgehog Helpline website.

Going forward I’m going to aim to make a matching pair of animal earrings  every month in 2019 as well, and I have a set of Wren earrings to match last months ready to photograph and list! So watch out for the surprise animal earring listing going up soon!

Happy New Year all!

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