Hedgehog Earrings




Choose from 3 cute little sterling silver hedgehogs or get the full set. Each hedgehog is handsawn from recycled eco sterling silver stock. Each earring is approx 1-1.5cm in length, depending on the hog selected.

There are 15 species of hedgehog across Europe, Africa and Asia, …they have also been introduced in New Zealand. Here in the UK we have the imaginatively named European Hedgehog. With a habitat stretching across most of Europe from Ireland to Russia, although avoiding the colder northern regions, European Hedgehogs are a gardeners best friend, feasting nightly on slugs and snails. I would love to have one move into my garden, but like many people I’ve only ever seen a live wild one once! Due to a combination of habitat loss, road accidents and poisons like slug pellets, the populations here in the UK at least are falling rapidly 🙁

There are some great people trying to help them out, among these is the amazing local charity Hedgehog Helpline, and I’d like to give them a helping hand. So for the month of January 20% of all hedgehog related sales will go directly to Hedgehog helpline. At the start of February I will add the sales up and make the donation, I’d love for it to be a nice big donation!

Folk lore would have you believe that hedgehogs suckle the milk from cows at night, but they are in fact lactose intolerant so if you’re leaving out a treat, a non fish based cat food is best, alongside some water.

Hedgehogs are my surprise animal of January 2019, the cufflinks can be found here.

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Choice of first earring

1, 2, 3, full set

Choice of second earring

1, 2, 3, full set


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