Botanical Earrings Choose from Ash, Beech Cedar, Fern, Grape, Horse Chestnut or Oak leaves



A pair of delicate earrings showing the leaf pattern of your choice from Ash, Fern, Grape and Oak.

Each of these plants have a  different symbolism:

The Ash tree is a symbol of strength and inter connectivity.

Beech is the queen of trees, associated with femininity, long lasting knowledge and reminds us to seek truth.

The Cedar tree is mentioned in the bible, associated with Mary and in many cultures is thought to symbolise healing and protection.

Ferns are a prehistoric plant which over the years have been seen as symbols of luck and protection.

Grapes and their vines are traditionally associated with fertility and abundance.

The Horse Chestnut Tree is often associated with fertility and longevity.

The Oak is a classic symbol of strength and endurance.

Each pair of earrings is made by hand by me in my studio in Caerphilly Wales. Currently the face of the earring is eco friendly recycled metal, I can’t guarantee the ear post or back, please see the ethics page of my site for more details.

Other metals are available, please contact for details.

For current lead times please see my store notice that should have popped up when you came to my site. If required I can send directly to a recipient other then yourself with or without a gift note, just let me know in a note at the checkout. And keep and eye on my instagram and Facebook for lots of behind the scenes photos and videos, you might just see your piece getting made!

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Ash, Beech, Cedar, Fern, Grape, Horse Chestnut, Oak


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