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Starting December 2018 I will be realising a new animal cufflink every month!!!!

On the 1st of the month I will announce the animal of the month with photos of the cufflinks and a little info on them cause I like to research 🙂 until then it’s hush hush! I might hint a little on social media but I wont give away the surprise or confirm or deny any guesses 😉

I want to have some fun with this so if you order before the 1st the cufflinks will be a total surprise and £50 instead of £60 but I would ask that you don’t share the animal anywhere on social media and ruin the surprise on anyone else! I will try and get the delivery as close as possible to just before the announcement date, depending on where the weekend falls shipping UK orders 2-4 days beforehand, and international orders a week or so beforehand or as received, whichever falls later.

If this sounds like fun to you there is also the option to sign up for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months of the surprise cufflinks again at a discount. If purchasing this for a gift and you would like this months cufflink sent out straight away rather then waiting for the following month, please just let me know.

Each cufflink will be made entirely from sterling silver, it wont be a bunny or a dinosaur, I’ve just included those photos as examples of what to expect, like most others of my cufflinks they will be a mismatched pair, if you would rather a matching pair please message me.

Keep an eye December 1st for the first pair!

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