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February’s Animal of the month is …the squirrel


This months animal is the Squirrel. I have a soft spot for squirrels and have spent many an afternoon over in my local park taking photos of the little acrobats, they never fail to make me smile and they are one of the few wild animals that the average person can see out and about in their everyday life, which I think makes them special.



So I have now got Squirrel cufflinks and squirrel earrings available on my site, I think I might add a brooch soon, I have a little running shape which is awkward for ears or cuffs but screams brooch, what do you think? Does anyone wear brooches?





Also happy Imbolc all! It’s been a snowy day here in Caerphilly and I had a lovely walk around the castle this afternoon with the hubby, a nice way to ring in the spring!


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