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Happy New Year!

2014-12-30 006 small
I’m using bunnies as models while I get to grips with my portrait lens

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but 2015 is here! I feel so old!!! I can remember the big run up to the millennium and watching movies and TV shows set in 2015!!!! How did this happen!

But somehow here we are and so far mine is off to a great start, I’ve had a lovely chilled couple of weeks of holiday a great new years eve with friends, and I have a full list of projects to work on in the new year, and a new camera to help with at least some of them! squee 🙂

The world mine to be conquered mwhaaaaaaaa!!!

I have a head full of new designs and ideas and aside from business this is going to be the year that I really get going on my writing, a dream since I was about 8! And my photography. And since I’m not really someone who believes in waiting for the new year to start my resolutions, I’ve already been busy with my camera over the last week, I’ve a prototype earring I’m polishing up at the moment, and I’ve just been editing a story I’ve been working on. Now if I can just keep it up and not disappear into netflixs!

2014-12-30 041 small

2014-12-29 009 small
Goose gang warfare on the castle lake
2014-12-30 068small
The piggies are pretty happy to pose too, especially Scooby!
2014-12-30 064small
Such a cute little face!
December 2014 018 small
My friends beautiful puppy on its first walk 🙂


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