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Scooby and Tom

Scooby looking out of his cage at the world just after he got here

So we’re nearly there, just one more day to order if you want delivery for Christmas, and then my tired hands are taking a break to recover 🙂

It’s been a manic few weeks, and a lot of jewellery has gone on its way hopefully making for lots and lots of happy people Christmas morning!

Other stuff has been happening at ours too though, it’s not just all about work. As anyone who knows me, is well aware, I have two very very pampered bunnies that run the house. But earlier this month I decided that we were settled in and unpacked enough in the new house to try and pamper some more animals. So I contacted a local charity Friends of the Animals RCT  to offer to foster small furries. A lovely woman came out and home checked us and we now have two foster guinea pigs Tom and Scooby, living in our sitting room.

They’re lovely little guys, about 3 years of age with a monstrous appetite for kale and cucumber. The strange little noises they come out with are hilarious, and they love to be rubbed. We were worried how the bunnies would react, but mostly it’s just been curiosity, then from Orla a whatever reaction as she went and flopped in the corner and ridiculously Gráinne running away when one of them (in their cage) so much as twitches an ear! And I thought she was the brave bunny!


We’ll be minding the little guys until hopefully we find them a forever home, so if you are interested please contact the charity using this form  …..I know it says rabbits but I’m 99.9% sure they’re guinea pigs 🙂 I’m trying my best to make sure I don’t fall too much in love with the little guys so the sooner we can find them a forever home the better!

Orla is obviously very concerned with our new visitors!
Scooby reading the news, its good to be informed.
Love me love me love me
Tom is a little more shy and retiring
But hes still a big smiler 🙂


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