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It’s December! Time for all nighters, Roseanne and Last orders

It’s go go go go go here in Caerphilly, Cyber Monday lived up to the hype this year and I was at my bench well late last night making and packing orders, thankfully I’m working my way through the old 90s sitcom Roseanne while I work 🙂 ah the memories! The picture quality is awful, but the story and jokes are brilliant and they tackle a lot of issues really well and honestly.

Anywho since it’s now December we’re getting towards last posting dates and if you’re in Asia or NewZealand you only have today to order if you want it for Christmas. As in previous years if you order after the last posting dates for where you are and you let me know it’s a present, I’ll do my best to get your items posted asap, but it will be past the recommended last posting dates as dictated by Royal Mail so no promises.

So here are the all important last order dates you can find me as always on etsy and not on the high street

  • 2nd December : Asia, New Zealand
  • 3rd December: Australia
  • 4th December: Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
  • 6th December: Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece
  • 8th December: Canada, Poland
  • 10th December: USA
  • 11th December: Western Europe (excluding Greece, Poland)
  • 18th December: UK

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