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Back to work

2014-12-31 new years eve 196 small
A little selfie with me and the boy taken on New Years with my new camera and a mirror

It’s Monday and I think everyone is back to work now, of course some people never had a break and I did a bit of work over the last week or so, myself, but now we’re back into it properly….my facebook feed is quite entertaining with everyone asking why mondays are soooo long and how will we get through a five day week. I’m sure we’ll all manage it 🙂

I had a great break, some definite fun was had and some much needed relaxing as well as a lot to very very random shopping, which looking at the packages that are arriving now makes me look like I’m cooking drugs or something! I swear I’m not! The spoons are hopefully going to be made into a very cool prototype for an out there idea I have, and the hotplate is to properly try out some keum boo which I’ve been really wanting to get to for ages now!

I’m also very excited to head tonight to the Caerphilly Camera club, meet some new people and see if I can get a handle on how to use my new camera properly 🙂 Fun fun fun!

But now back to work, and it’s all about the bunnies today!  bunny cufflinks

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