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I had the best time on Saturday, I got to spend the whole day talking and learning about space, and meteorites in particular, absolutely fantastic. I was helping out as part of the Star Attractions day in National Museum Wales, making impact craters and showing people different types of meteorites and talking about lunar geology. So much fun! We even had a meteorite that was originally from Mars! How cool is that!

Stolen from Cardiff Astronomical Society, that’s the back of my head 🙂

I was too busy to take photos though oppps. So you can see some over here on the Cardiff Astronomical Society facebook page, my head even seems to have popped into a few of them.

Kinda Selfie from @Bristol

Interestingly I seem to be seeing astronomy everywhere! My constellation pieces were a hit over the Christmas and continue to be, I just finished making an Orion pendant.

And since I was going to Bristol to pick up Christmas stock last week, I treated myself to a visit to @Bristol and a show in their planetarium. Really enjoyable, although I may have been just a little older then their target audience.

And to round it all off I’m working on some special space inspired pieces at the moment that I will hopefully be able to share soon! Fingers crossed 🙂

Orion earrings 11
Orion earrings


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