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Botanical Pendants


Over a year ago I posted about my botanical pendants and asked for opinions, then they never appeared in my shop, I wasn’t really happy with them, I took feedback on board and I want back to the drawing board! Now I’m happy!


And you can find them on my Etsy shop now, with choice of 16 or 18inch cable collar, and if you want/need a longer length contact me and I’ll do my best 🙂

I’m really happy with the pendants but I need to stop making my life difficult with domed mirrors because the photos have taken months to get! I had the actual pendants ready in October! And I’m still not super happy with them! Most of my photos ended up almost a self portrait!










But in the end with strategic positioning of camera and giant sheets of   paper I got shots that just about cut it but I think another shoot is in my future.

Anyway! I digress! This means I now have alongside my botanical wedding rings, matching earrings, cufflinks, and pendants 🙂 all available in Oak, Ash, Fern and Grape pattern and I will be adding Cedar and a few others soon! You can find them all on my Etsy shop.





Watch this space!


Oh and did I mention the pendants are all ecosilver !!!Read more in my previous blog post

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