New Pendants and opinions needed!


They put up a fight but I managed to get some photos of my new botanical pendants! Not all of them, I still have to shoot Ash and Grape Vine, but here are Oak and Fern and I would LOVE your opinions!


2017-01-10 Ornamental cabbage and Botanical Pendants 197  2017-01-10 Ornamental cabbage and Botanical Pendants 180


2017-01-10 Ornamental cabbage and Botanical Pendants 172They are to fit in with my botanical wedding range, so now I have rings, earrings, cufflinks and pendants for your special day, or any other day you fancy 🙂


They are on sterling silver cable wire rather then chain, I think it suits them better, but sourcing this properly has been difficult and I need some help!


2017-01-10 Ornamental cabbage and Botanical Pendants 200

2017-01-10 Ornamental cabbage and Botanical Pendants 185


I can source reasonably priced 16 inch cable with these lovely bayonet clasps, and I think its a really neat discrete clasp, however the length is a bit short for me, but perfect for some of my friends. And most of my wearer testers; hi mam, and practically everyone that’s been in my house in the last month, think the clasp is a bit fiddly and they struggled to put it on and take it off. An 18inch cable with this clasp is possible but it’s 5 times the price!

2017-01-10 Ornamental cabbage and Botanical Pendants 190


So I bought some sterling silver cable and attached normal hook clasps, I can make this to whatever length I like, and it’s as easy a clasp to do and undo as there is really, but its not as pretty and neat.




So what do you think? Have you tried a bayonet clasp? Can you use them?

Would you rather a pretty clasp or an easy to do and undo one?


What length would you like?CLASPS

Which do you think I should use? A or B?

Any and all help much appreciated!



  1. amac - April 23, 2017 3:15 pm

    Re: opinions needed

    I will always pay for an easy clasp, especially when the connecting ring is large enough to grasp. On the first go

    Re lengths. There are many necklaces that I do not buy because of comfort length. While 16″ fits the vey young and 18″ captures more, you are missing many by not going one size larger to 20″. I would want it to sit just below my neck and not feel choker like.

    Beautiful sterling peices.

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