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Autumn is here

Autumn is here and the leaves are starting to fall, I had a great summer but I think I’m ready for the pretty colours and the windy days and most importantly Halloween! I am a ridiculously big fan of Halloween! Squeee! And I have a whole house to decorate this year!

DSC_0008-1But I will miss the summer, it’s been a lot of fun getting the garden up and going, and for the little bit of work I put in, I’ve really really gotten a lot back! Out of my three Red Alert tomoato plants I got insane amounts, and they’re still going! We had so many I actually attempted to make my own sun dried tomatos, with limited success, must add garlic next time! My black tomotoes however never fully ripened and there is a huge amount of fruit rotting on the bushes at the moment that hopefully the birds will have a nice munch on.


DSC_0003Wow am I glad we didn’t cut down the brambles when we moved in, I’ve gone out most every morning to pick fresh berries for my cereal, alongside some yummy muffins and delicious crumble and a freezer with lots of blackberries to get us through the winter 🙂 I have now started digging at them though, and it’s been great to get out in the fresh air a little every day. They go further back then expected about 5m extra on the garden!


I have one scotch bonnet chili ready to go that to be honest I’m afraid  to go pick!

And while the strawberry plants have not exactly given huge amounts, they have been delicious!






Today was a sad day though, my popcorn fiesta plants weren’t really ready to harvest but they got blown down so I had to do it, not sure they’ll be anything more then decorations in the house now, although they are very pretty and all sorts of oranges, reds, browns etc. But I know next year to plant them somewhere more shaded and a bit closer  together too.

DSC_0126  DSC_0128

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