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Cufflink Club

I started making and selling cufflinks a few years ago, as a woman they were something I’d never really thought of, but someone asked me about a pair so I looked into it and they started flying out of the shop. One thing I quickly realised was that some people were actually collecting them. My bunny cufflinks for example came out of a special request and the guy then bought the 6 little fellas so as to have the full set….I also realised that they weren’t just for men, and I really do need to hunt down some blouses that use cufflinks!..any suggestions welcome!

So now that I have a good selection of cufflinks available, and I’ve decided to offer a club/subscription service. It’s up and available on not on the high street or my etsy shop, you can sign up for you, or someone special to receive a pair of cufflinks once a month for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Each pair will be gift wrapped and posted out the first week of the month, because who doesn’t like getting presents every month 🙂 Personally I think unexpected presents are the best.

And I have of course included a good discount for signing up! Each 3 months is £150 but the cufflinks you receive value £160-165 and if you sign up for the year you pay £580 for £650 worth of cufflinks, plus of course you get a nice little gift every month.cufflink club

I’m hoping to offer something similar with earrings soon, but that’s a little ways off yet while I sort out the logistics.

What do you think? Is it something you would be interested in? Do you have any suggestions for cufflinks I should have?




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