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A new pair of cufflinks a month to challenge myself!

I’m setting myself a challenge of a new pair of animal cufflinks every month going forward, there’s plenty of animals in the world after all! And I’m going to have a little fun with it hiding just what animal it is until the 1st of the month.

This is entirely a customers fault! Last week I was working on a special Christmas present of commissioned cufflinks and I had so much fun making a new shape that I decided I should do this more often, but I need you all to hold me accountable 🙂

So I have a listing for these surprise cufflinks, click here and to make it more fun you can buy them at a discount before I actually announce them on the first of the month 🙂 I will endeavour to get them to you a day or so before the announcement so that it truly is a surprise, but you have to promise not to share on social media until after I announce! No spoiling other peoples fun! I might hint at them on social media, but I won’t give it away, or confirm or deny 🙂  The eagle eyed among you may have noticed Decembers in my instastories last week so shush please if you did!

And of course I want to make the animals you want to see, so please suggest animals for future months! And should I do the same for earrings?


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  1. […] out my Athena earrings which I’m loving! More corrugated pieces coming too! I started my animal of the month cufflinks and I think I’ll be adding earrings too soon. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten […]

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