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Yoda-ing it up….is that a word? Can I make it one?

I have been told I have to update daily! Gulp! Will do my best! Already failed by missing yesterday but it was a day that seems to have had no time. I had the best of intentions to get lots done, especially after Conan showed me up with a lovely ring he made on Thursday night. But I got a phone call for an interview Monday for a job I really want (fingers crossed) so then there was phone calls and plotting etc. I did get started on a silver ring with bunny cut-outs all around it (yes I have a bunny problem) and courtesy of the boy my giant sheet of copper is now in more manageable sizes so let the copper revolution commence!
One of the nice apps etsy has is shop stats that show you where traffic to your shop comes from and what words led them there and my shop seems to be getting a lot of hits on behalf of the word Yoda so Yoda inspired designs are being plotted mwhaaaaa! Bring on the nerdy! Need more time!
For anyone in Cardiff, I headed to the drones comedy night in Chapter last night, tis def worth a look £3.50 entry and we got a good 2.5-3 hours of solid laughing. Every second Friday at 8.30.
Right got a cake to bake and then rings to make! Hope everyone is well J

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