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I can Sew!

Well pretty good day today, started by taking my glass out of the kiln got some stuff I’m very happy with, of course now NEED to buy more glass! Then had nice breakfast with the bunnies running around and put some silver from last night into the polisher, got some stuff I’m very happy with there too! Some bunny inspired but also wolf and birdies and a particularly nice little girl with an umbrella, pictures to follow; once I get a nice bright day for a photo shoot.
Decided today to try my hand at sewing, we have a machine and I need a new bag that I can bring to school come Sept and I don’t look like one of the kids. So I got some scraps from a costume I made last year and made a prototype, I’m quite happy with it, it’s full of mistakes but I know not to make them when I get the really good material. I have my eye on cartoon style, world map, or French newspaper print. Also going to try make a top out of some scraps and then can get enough good material for top too, going to try use a pattern for that though! Wish me luck.
Since I have stolen the sewing machine for the day, Conan has stolen my workbench and tools! He better be kind to them! He’s been working on setting glass in copper and I’m really liking it, I see a whole new bunch of ideas for both of us!
So in other news, as market research I bought Cosmo and Elle yesterday, thought it would be good to have an idea whats coming up fashion wise for the autumn, and I completely remember why I don’t buy them! Grrr angry Sarah! According to Cosmos’ editor, one of the things I now know that I wouldn’t have known before I read the mag is that….drumroll… can’t always tell how many women a man has slept with just by looking at him! Shock! Horror! They even gave a picture of a bunch of guys for you to try guess which had the highest magic number, and you know what turns out you can, cause myself, Sabrina and Conan guessed correctly!
In bunny news, we went to get the little boy but the pet shop then told us they wouldn’t guarantee taking him back if he didn’t get on with the girls, so we had to say no L They really don’t encourage you to adopt! So still just the two bunnies.

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  1. Nope no new bunny 🙁 we couldn’t risk war in the apt, angry bunnies are dangerous creatures! But we still have our two adorable little girls and Conan is still waaaaay outnumbered as the only male in the house 🙂

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