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All fired up!

Well the kiln is on, only 12 or so hours till I get to see what I’ve made. Working with the kiln is very strange business, kinda exciting, you can plan and organise and then fire it up and get something completely different to what you expected. Hopefully this will be a good firing. I’m not known for my patience and it kills me waiting till tomorrow morning to open it! But open it too early and the glass cools too quick and you get lovely broken glass everywhere, so I’ll hold off!
I also got a bunch of silver pendants mostly done yesterday; I do a process at a time with the batch I’m working on, so yesterday was the cutting out of the designs, texturing and polishing will probably be later today. It’s a little more time efficient rather then work the whole way through one piece, it also means that when I get in the zone with my saw, I can really get some good quality work done! I’m also almost finished building two little silver nests, pictures to follow.
On the business side there has been more research done, I’m been looking at they have quite a few handy things there. Its their business plan that I’m using to guide my way. Definitely their site is worth a look.
I also found some more glass invoices to add to my spread sheet. I think it’s important to know how much I have spent on everything so I can know when I actually start making a profit and not just when I think I’m making a profit.
On a personal note, I went to the pet shop yesterday to get bunny food (for our two little girls Orla and Gráinne) and saw the most adorable bunny, that’s up for adoption. He’s 5 months old and was fighting with his brother, and I presume the owners weren’t willing or didn’t know to suffer through puberty like we had to with the girls. I’m very tempted to get him, the pet shop said we could take him for a day, see how he got on with the girls, and then give him back if world war 3 broke out. Don’t know if I could give him back though! I am leaning towards getting him this evening and giving it a go!

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