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Hello there

I am a mostly self taught jeweller living in Wales with big plans to have a successful business up and running, asap!
I’ve spent the last 4-5 years learning my trade, soldering, sawing, fusing, piercing and polishing. The last 2-3 years gathering equipment to put together a workroom at home. And the last year sussing out how to run a business, where to sell, how to sell, what people want and the legalities of it.
I have set up my etsy shop I have business cards printed, I have a business plan on paper and I am ready for go!
The purpose of this blog is to get the word out there about my shop, but also to help others that are trying to set up, so that hopefully it doesn’t take them 5 years. I’ll be posting the how to of getting going, as I go along. As well as updates and pictures from the workroom.
The plan is, to register as self employed come September, and to release an item a day, this last few weeks of August is my uber creative time. I am making sure I have enough top quality pieces to release as well as dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.
So feel free to browse my shop, more to come very, very soon! Comments are welcome as are questions I’ll do my best to answer them, promise!
For the rest of today I shall be glass painting and depending on time firing up the kiln.

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