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We have rings with shiny stones! And a shop on my website!

It’s been a while coming but finally I have a shop on my website! And I have my new stone set rings! These things always take longer then you think they will! But I got there in the end and I’m delighted!


My new rings come with options of Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet,   Lemon Quartz, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Blue Topaz as standard but you can request other stones, as well as a choice of tall or short setting and leaf pattern. So every ring will be very much unique!


The photos are of my rings, they’re made to fit me and I’m keeping them! With Ash pattern to match my wedding ring, and a Rose Quartz and a Blue Topaz both in sterling silver, one tall setting one short.

I’d love your opinions on the rings, they’re pretty sizeable because its fun! But I know some people prefer something a little more delicate so keep your eyes out for those soon!

I’m extra delighted to be launching my new rings on my new website shop! It’s taken a while to build, listings take longer then you think! Thank you soooooo much to Mark for all the back end tech stuff!

I will be adding more stuff going forward, I’m thinking behind the scenes videos, and I’m having to renew some of the photos etc to the old blog posts imported in, so bear with me there, but isn’t it shiny!

And of course you can still find me at



Not on the Highstreet

St Davids Wales

Anywhere else isn’t me!

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