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Time to start building momentum!

Well today was not all that productive L had physio appointment, that’s a good she’s lovely and makes the pain go away for a while. Then got home with plans but spent a lot of the day waiting for a phone call. And then joy of joys cleaning.
Did however manage to get a listing up on etsy and few more prepped to go, really need to get more pictures, please, please let it be bright tomorrow morning! Can get a little photo shoot in before Siobhan arrives, looking forward to seeing her J
I got a bunch of hits today on etsy courtesy of the new listing so that is very much what I need to be doing. Also bought a showcase spot on Monday which is a way of promoting your shop or a certain item for the day. Going to see how that works, fingers crossed! Time to start building momentum!
Conan is back from his weekend away and very cute curled up asleep on the sofa, think he would kill me if I put a picture up, but it is very tempting. If a bunny jumps up on him there will be no stopping me! The girls are running around the room chewing carrots I’ve left around. Tis a nice evening.

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