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My busy few days

Well I’ve been very bad with my blog the last few days but I have valid reasons! Not excuses I swear!
I got a teaching job on wed, I started on Thurs for inset day Yay! Fun! 3.45 day week so I will still have my creative time!
Also had a friend arrive from Ireland on Wed, till this morning so I think it’s only fair! Twas great to see her I went to get the fish pedicure and manicure thingy in a really nice little independent salon in Cardiff to be honest pretty much chose it because they seem to look after the fish. It was really fascinating! Sooooo going to do it again! The hand part was particularly good since I could see their very cute little faces J
Also went to St Fagan’s which is a must for anyone that comes to visit Cardiff they let us throw pots and I think from Conan’s face you will agree he had a great time! I really need to get my pottery course for this term booked asap! I do like to get messy!
Right now back to creative stuff! I did get some pictures taken on Wed morn before Siobhan arrived so some stuff has been updated on my shop, as well as here is a few sneak peaks of up and coming stuff. The bunnies were in great spirits so I was too busy laughing to get a HUGE amount of photos taken.
I’m still waiting for my new boxes to arrive L I have however gotten my resins J and gotten Conan to buy something on Etsy just to check everything works and I think we’re good! I have a showcase slot for Monday! So hopefully things are going to take off! Hallmarking to be sent on Monday too, of course I also start teaching on Monday so unfortunately a lot of this weekend will be spent lesson planning instead of sawing L the summer is over L must try not to cry!

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