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Productive day

Well today has been surprisingly productive!
Got a load of lesson planning done and then moved onto my jewellery and got a bunch of earrings and rings ready. Have filled out the assay note and majority of stuff is ready to go but I want to sand down some stuff first and phone and ask the assay office for a ring stamp and possibly a bigger stamp as the one I currently have is very small. However they are about £80 each, so may just get the ring one. But I think I’ll call it a night for now!
The bunnies are running around like crazy, they’re in a particularly good mood today! And keep jumping over the barrier we built into the spare room to keep them out, I think it’s just a game now! Trying them on pineapple today so far they’re not really bothered, they do seem to love gem lettuce though!
Conan is at the workbench now, part of the reason I’m leaving my sanding till tomorrow, so I’m gonna go relax in a nice bath and sleep well before I start my new job tomorrow! Hopefully the timetable will be ready!
Oh and here’s a nice pic I took on Wed, amazing what you can get with a compact on a sunny day J

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