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It’s just gone 10pm and I’ve just stepped away from my workbench, been at it pretty much since 2 just a few breaks to eat and stretch and I feel exhilarated!
One of those days where I’m left feeling that I can definitely live the dream and make a living being creative! Great day all round, bit of a hiccup when I couldn’t get the printer to work, but changed the designs to colour and twas fine. Blank ink has been ordered. Majority of today was making different types of rings, got to order some more colours of resin tonight and then hopefully have my resin rings ready to go by next week. I’ve been doing a lot of very intricate sawing too and going through blades like nobody’s business so have to order some of those too.
Now to get ordering and get some listings ready on etsy and folksy.
Anywho hope everyone is in as good a mood as I am J

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