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Ooooh plans!

Ooooh I’m very excited! I have a silver bunny ring and bracelet in the polisher at the mo! Was working on another different style of pendant and earring but it isn’t playing ball and I’m out of time today, got a night out to get ready for!
Also happy I finally got some silver D shape wire I ordered about 2 weeks ago to make rings out of, the company I order from is usually really good but they were out of stock. Typical!
Been rummaging around online for a decent supplier for boxes and I think I’ve found a winner, so I just have to order a few and see what they’re like. I managed to get some really nice little brown card ones before, but only one left and can’t seem to find them again, grrrr! But on the plus side these boxes are made from recycled card so that’s a plus. Also gonna order myself some marketing stuff and try get the word out around town. Thinking postcards with bunny and jewellery pics on them, make them nice and memorable. But all of that has to wait till tomorrow, now it’s time for dancing, or at least for getting ready for dancing! Hope everyone has/had a good Saturday night.

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