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Results day

GCSE results were out today so a good chunk of the day was spent going to my old school to find out how the kids did, I’m very happy, particularly with my P3 class, they all got A* not too shabby for my first time teaching the course! And only one B in my P2 class J
Did however get to the bench when I got home, after some delicious curry chips. Didn’t return to my war with the bunny ring but did instead work on some bracelets. Finished the yoda bracelet and the damn dirty ape bracelet both in copper, will try get pictures tomorrow. Also got a good chunk of a silver bunny bracelet done, had hoped to be able to wear it tomorrow but the evening flew by and then it was too late to hammer. I think it’s best not to annoy the neighbours too much so I don’t hammer past 9.
I have myself a call back 2nd interview tomorrow, for a teaching job starting Sept, so best get myself to bed! Orla has gone to bed already so just a Gráinne to get in!

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