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The Craft Fair

Well it’s official craft fairs are fun! I really enjoyed getting to talk to people all day, I’ve missed that, I used to do retail type work when I was younger and I always enjoyed it. So it was really good to be back face to face. Add to that the fact that the other sellers were really nice and that I had my boy with me too, and it was a really good day.
It was our first craft fair so the whole thing wasn’t as streamlined as I’d hoped, but we ironed out most of the kinks for the next time. First off we got lost, so we got there late, of course this was made worse by the fact that we left late because we had last minute sign printing to do. We really left everything too late getting ready, but that was because with me still being in work I just didn’t have the time earlier in the week, but we know in future. Because of all this, it took us quite a while to get set up and we weren’t properly organised when the first few people came in, which was a pity cause the first rush was really the only one. It was a pretty quiet day, but the people who did come in did buy which was good and we definitely covered the cost which is really all a new business can ask for.

I also learnt quite a bit about what people like, and I was surprised that the majority I sold was copper, I’ll have to get cracking on the copper! Which suits me perfectly since there is no need to hallmark, and I can work with bigger pieces, just because of the price difference compared with silver.
I’ve been to a lot of craft fairs myself as a customer and I don’t like when the sellers are staring at you as you walk around or when they have their head in a book, so in the interest of being somewhere in between we had brought wire and beads to make stuff while we sat there and I was very glad we had. I now have a new mistletoe ring design that I’m going to put on etsy this week and some wire nests which I haven’t made in years but I really enjoyed making.  

My next fair is on the 10th of December in Redland School in Bristol and I will be there with bells on, ready to hit the ground running and making and showing people how to make my little bead rings. I’m looking forward to it J

Mistletoe ring with green wire and white pearl beads

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