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Nearly ready!

Frenzied getting ready for the craft fair on Saturday! Very excited! Got my Hallmarking back today lots of stuff the most I’ve ever sent. I have mixed and placed the resin just waiting for it to set now. I somehow got so involved with the ring making process that I seem to only have a few earrings which I’m not too pleased with, may make some more tomorrow after work. Got very little copper done either but purposely left that till the end since that doesn’t need hallmarking. A delivery arrived today with brass wire in it, very excited to play with that and try move into a new metal! Good times! Has anyone any experience of working with brass? or for that matter of craft fairs?
For now though after a busy day of resin and post and organising in between yoga and tai chi, I think I’ll just head to bed!
Ooooh craft fair! Really excited! Going to be a hectic few days!

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