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Fantastic Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!

Resin Earrings
Well this weekend is a special weekend with starting with Black Friday and ending with Cyber Monday and is THE internet shopping weekend! I’m hard at work prepping! Watch out for lots of listings popping up in the next day or two!

Mistletoe ring
Anywho in honour of this weekend I shall be giving away a mistletoe ring with every order made from now until midnight Monday the 28th, and for orders over £100 a pair of resin earrings too! I’m feeling generous and I’m loving my earrings!
So all you need to do, is tell me in the note with your sale what ring size you are, and if you’re spending over the £100, which colour earrings you want; choose from blue (my fav) green, gold, orange, red, and purple.

Mistletoe ring

If you don’t know what ring size you are, then wrap a piece of paper round your finger as tight as you want it and measure it as accurately as you can and send me that. 


Don’t forget every sale comes packaged in my beautiful 100% recycled boxes, ready to be given as a gift to someone special, or yourself J. And if you are being generous and buying a gift for someone else, I’m happy to ship directly to them including a note from you if requested.
Orla likes to help pack the presents

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