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Catch up.

Oh I’ve been a very bold blogger this week! I thought once I finished the day job I’d be better but apparently I very quickly found other stuff to fill my time with!
It was a pretty productive week though, I’ve spent a lot of time at my bench and quite a bit of that was playing so I should have some nice interesting new designs soon, I really hadn’t allowed myself to play very much recently. And I do like to play! I also got photo’s taken despite the bunnies best efforts and new listings up and got a lot of stuff organised. I could of course have been more productive but hey that’s always the way and I’m not going to beat myself up about it!
I’ve started to get more and more stuff up on my Folksy page but it is hard work, unfortunately takes much longer to upload listings, which is a pity cause I’d quite like to use it and it has gotten me some sales already. I’m going to keep trying, but it’s pretty slow going.
Been meaning to get myself some Treasuries done on etsy this week, along with some Christmas shopping! And even more inspired after waking up this morning to see I’m included in this lovely Penguin Treasury.
Really looking forward to getting to my bench this afternoon and seeing what pops out J hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!
Don’t forget cyber Monday tomorrow so still offering free mistletoe ring with all orders, just specify ring size with your order, and free resin earrings with orders over £100, just specify your colour choice.

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