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The Circus came to town

So as you probably gathered by now, we live in Cardiff, Wales, it’s a lovely city, but like most cities it has it’s nice areas and dodgy areas. We live somewhere in the middle, but very close to one of the so called dodgy areas. But I love where we live! Our closest shops; post office, health food shop, veg shop, pharmacy, pet shop, and take aways; pretty much everything we need, are on Clifton Street, it’s a strange street, it looks a bit run down, and I’ve heard some people say they’re scared to walk down it, but personally I’ve only met nice people there. The people in the shops are always lovely and can have a bit of a natter; which for someone that works at home alone is absolutely brilliant! I would be lost without the banter!

But a few weeks ago, Clifton Street went above and beyond, when the circus came to town. I might point out though this was no ordinary silly circus this was No Fit State (look them up) think Welsh circ du soleil.
I went down with a friend to check it out and despite the rain, it was really, really, really good fun! So here’s a few pics, and I for one can’t wait for No Fit State to open in the four elms!
If you’re feeling generous they still need a little bit of a help out, click here for more details.

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