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Fantastic weekend :)

Well I hope everyone else had as great a weekend as me, although possibly a more productive one J
For the first time in ages I took the entire weekend off, I didn’t check in with my shops or worry about getting listings up, and I was caught up on orders so no worry there either. And I had a really really good friend over for the weekend so we talked and relaxed and enjoyed life and I thoroughly recommend it!
I also recommend Before Sunrise and Before Sunset which as always were a great watch, and Just Go For It which we just randomly picked to watch and got a very good laugh out of J ….we also made it halfway through an Ed Byrne DVD which had me hurting from laughing, I think I’ll watch the rest tonight.
So now I’m relaxed and enthused and in organizing mode! Got the weekends orders ready to go in tomorrow mornings post and I’m going to sit down with a sketch pad and play with some new ideas.
How was your weekend?

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