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Food glorious food!

Oooh I’m loving this whole veg box thing! Got our third one today and it came with a fruit box as a nice surprise! I do like being spolit!

Conan is out today so haven’t told him about the watermelon but he looooooooooooves watermelon so I know that’ll go down well. The bunnies might just fight me for the bananas and despite my usual aversion to raspberries on account of a summer spent picking the @£$%”^ (excuse my language) I have to admit I tried them this morning and they’re yummy!

Of course got our normal veg box too, and we’ve upgraded slightly to the one that doesn’t come with spuds, since we weren’t really using them but of course once we did that I found a really nice potato salad to use! Typical! We did get more broad beans though and seriously guys I need some help! I’ve tried a few recipes and I’m just not feeling it! They’re sooooo boring! Anyone got any good ideas? We still have a few turnips left from the last box too so help there as well please!

Very happy to see the cherry tomatoes in the box, as far as I’m concerned they have been the highlight of the whole thing so far, I think tomatoes are one of the things that you can really really taste when they’re good. Also got lots of spinach which I love and the carrot tops are already being very very well received by the bunnies!
Nom nom!
I think Orla thought the camera was a little distracting,
she doesn’t like being watched while she eats.
Gráinne doesn’t care, carrot tops too delicious to care!
The only problem is I’ve not room in my fridge! So I think I’m going to have to do a LOT of eating this week. Woe is me! My life is so hard!
Must have them all, no sharing allowed!

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