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Productive day :)

Quite a productive day, got photos taken and some new items listed and got paid for my commission piece which is pretty nice, talked to a lovely woman in paypal who sorted out an issue I was having so I can now actually get the money out of my paypal account and into the real world which is kinda handy J
Finally got to cut some glass, played with the circle cutter, there is a knack to it, but I’ll get it! Practice makes perfect. Did spend a good chunk of the day devouring a book I got on enamelling so I know all about it before I invest! And I went to my first ever Tai Chi class, which was great fun, very interesting stuff, ended the day with fish and chips and my boy and crazy bunnies running around…only the bunnies were running not the boy!
Have a mental busy day tomorrow but will hopefully get in some more glass cutting so the kiln can go on on Friday…..hmmmm I think I bunny just farted!

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