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Game on!

Started back at pottery today! Very excited! Started work on a series of pendants I’m gonna make, but will be weeks until they come to life! Also got to talk to lots of people I haven’t seen all summer, which was great!

Expecting post from the assay office tomorrow so I can get my commission piece sent off asap! and make sure it arrives in time, going to ring them in the morning to make sure! It’s cutting it too close now!

Tomorrow will be a productive day, and that’s just that! I’m going to photo stuff, and get some new listings up. Get the resin set, and play with that glass I got last week that has been left neglected on the kitchen floor! I will not let the fact that I got two new Kim Harrison books and a book on enamelling in the post today, slow me down! I will be productive! It’s game on!

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