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I’m still here!

Oh I’ve been very bad this week at updating! It’s been very busy what with the day job and starting Tai Chi and Yoga and my first ever Zumba class (so much fun, so much pain) as well as playing everwake last night.
A very very busy life I’m leading at the moment!
On the creative side I went to a craft show in Cardiff yesterday and my head is filled with new ideas for new materials I want to try! But the best news is, I got my commission piece sent off and she received it in time, and she was chuffed with it! Phew! I was worried it might not be what she had in her head but yay! Happy customer!
Been looking around on etsy at lots of clothes recently and just put together a treasury of clothes I really really want!
Oh to be rich enough to buy everything! I may treat myself to a little something thoughJ This dress is the one I’m leaning towards opinions?
New listing up on etsy too, a little girl holding an umbrella that the kids in school tell me looks like Mary Poppins. I think she looks more like a wicked witch J
And drum roll please! The kiln is on! It’s been ages since I had a day where I had stuff ready to go and 8 hours or so at home, so it’s finally back in its place of honour on the kitchen table and is ticking away (it makes a very annoying tick noise) full of possible Christmas decorations I’ve been thinking of making. I also got a load of pendant size pieces of glass ready to cut and I when I got that last glass order I got lots more glass paint colours so gonna have me some fun, today or tomorrow!
Now got a silver bracelet to make for one of the guys in my Herbal Medicine class, gonna start work on that tonight and resin I still have to set in rings and earrings I have ready to go. Huh!
By the way. whats with this weather! It’s amazing! Are we sure it’s October???!

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