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New pictures and plans

Spent a good chunk of yesterday sorting treasuries and networking a little on etsy. Quite enjoyed it and lots of stuff I now want to buy myself, which of course was not the intention when I signed up for etsy! But it sucks you in! So much pretty stuff! Check out my treasuries:
Also spent a chunk of yesterday setting up my other blog, and my medical stuff is going to go there not here from now on, I found that it was intruding a little so I’ve put it in it’s place.
Congrats to Conan who sold a pendant yesterday J jammy so and so!
I’ve been considering what I need to do to really get the ball rolling and I think networking is up there but also I need to get some earrings up there, people buy lots of earrings and they are small so I can afford to have quite a low price. I’ve sent a few to get hallmarked and will be listing them asap! Rings as well, the shop has been a little pendant heavy so far so things are about to change!
Saying that I did spend time this morning with the bunnies; or at least Gráinne taking photos of glass pendants and a few other bits I’ve got ready to go, and they will be going up soon. Here’s a sneak peak.

Don’t forget you can get 10% off everything on my etsy shop with the code “FRIENDSOFFRAGMENTS1”
Now lesson planning time! If Gráinne allows it!

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