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The ball is starting to roll!

Got a possible commission today on Etsy, that’s my big WooHoo! Very happy!
In other news got a Treasury set up, all with Irish makers.
My Dad got it for me a few years ago, and not generally being into self help I ignored it, found it again at Christmas though and started it in around Marchish. It’s a 12 week course on rediscovering your creativity and basically how to have some confidence in what you’re doing. I’m only on week 10, each week seems to stretch into almost a month, but I have found it very useful. Admittedly I have skipped certain bits, especially the collage exercises cutting up magazines, the only magazine we have many of are National Geographic and Art Jewellery, and I’m not willing to destroy them! But I have found it very interesting reading and wholeheartedly recommend it. The morning pages are particularly good, and I do them most mornings, just sit down and write 3 pages of whatever is in my head, sometimes it’s painful but usually it starts to flow and you get all your issues, worries, confusion sorted out before you start your day, which I’m all for! Also most importantly drums up ideas for designs.
My 30th listing went up on Etsy today, and I have more ready to go! Considering approaching shops when I get my current stash of hallmarking back! Gulp! Exciting stuff!

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