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Hallmarking is sent, lots of it! And a sale :)

Thankfully feeling a bit better today, still not 100% but my neck is a lot less stiff then it has been in months/years! So I’m cautiously hopeful that the treatment worked!
Did take the time yesterday to organise lots of stuff, I got some more listings up and ready to go on etsy to hopefully release one a day, that should last about a week before I need a sunny day and more photos! Also sent off a HUGE package of hallmarking! About 13 rings, 4 pairs of earrings, 15ish pendants and my bunny bracelet, some of the stuff is on the site already but lots more to come J.
Sent off the enrolment forms for yoga, herbal medicine and pottery courses I’ve been wanting to do. I did Pottery last year and loved it, started doing some ceramic jewellery work just towards the end of term and eager to get back into it. My kiln unfortunately fires about 50-100 degrees too low for ceramics, so that is definitely something I can only do in class, but I’m excited to get back into it, lots of ideas!
I’ve also set myself up on twitter @FragmentDesigns which I’m trying to get to grips with, a very strange platform, not so sure I like it, I’m seeing tweets and it’s taking me ages to figure out what the text speak actually means and when I do it’s always just too little information, finding it very frustrating, but sure we’ll give it a go and see if I can get into it.
Best of all though I sold something yesterday! A little wire nest pendant so I’m very happy J!

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