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A present for my friends

Well hello folks, I didn’t post yesterday because I was having facet joint injections in my neck, not a pleasant experience let me tell you! I have yet to see if they work, and I’m pretty much out of action for today. Doctors told me that for the next 48 hours I was liable to get dizzy faint and or just black out. Of course they told me this after the procedure so I had to ring my boss in my just started this week job and say I can’t make it today! GULP! I’m not even allowed shower cause the holes in my back (Seriously holes! I’m glad I didn’t actually see the needles that made those babies) have been sprayed with stuff to heal and stay clean. I got Conan to take a photo of my neck yesterday and ewwwwwww! At the mo I just feel a little like someone has been punching the back of my neck!
However there is only so much TV you can watch before you go cuckoo, so I have been online rearranging some stuff on etsy and ordering a sealant for my copper, also reading up on the supposed benefits of copper on arthritis. I’m thinking of making myself something therapeutic, give it a go what’s the harm!
I’ve listed my silver bunny bracelet thank you to my model Gráinne J
I’ve gotten my delivery of pretty 100% recycled boxes to package all my pieces and photos of these will follow soon when I’m back up and functioning! Also the pictures of the little earrings I’m very proud of!
And I’m setting up coupon codes for my blog readers J So you guys can have 10% off if you go to my shop and enter the coupon code “FRIENDSOFFRAGMENTS1” it will be active for 2 weeks on everything in the shop! Happy shopping people!

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