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My wonderful garden!

For years now I’ve been in a gardenless apartment trying to plant a few little bits on window boxes, so that fact that I now have a garden is absolutely amazing! And I’ve been getting to work on it 🙂

While the house itself has been looked after and done up recently, the garden has just been ignored, so it was in a bit of a state when we moved in.

The back garden was somewhat overgrown
And once it was all cut the grass was very very yellow
The front garden was just weeds everywhere!



The grass is finally back to green, and needs cutting again soon

The hope is eventually to have a garden full of edible plants so I’ve made a little start and yesterday I picked my first strawberry, …which I then accidently gave to the bunnies and they didn’t eat but got covered in hay so well I’m not going to try it now! I have also started the war against the slugs though and I think they’re winning! All my tomatillo plants and the seedlings I tried to grow to replace them, have been eaten, and they’re having a good go at my pea plants, and my poor little bell pepper plants one pepper doesn’t look like it’s going to make it 🙁

DSC_0004 (2)

So morecopper tape has arrived today, and I have 6 more slug traps to put down, and I will continue to garlic spray the plants every evening, They’re probably going to win the war, but not every battle!


But so far my tomatoes are doing well, the varieties I got from the garden centre are starting to show fruit but the indigo ones I bought online are still a while off…I really really hope we get black tomatoes off them!


DSC_0007 (2)

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