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My supposed day off.

I’ve finally caught up with myself so no more running after my own tail! Woohoooo! Decided to give myself a little break today but of course my day off involved me disappearing into the depths of the etsy forums! Found a few new teams I’m going to join and a few ideas I’m going to try, and it was pretty relaxing J Guess that’s the problem with being your own boss, are you ever really off work? But I wouldn’t have it any other way! There is not one single atom of my body that regrets giving up teaching to go for my dreams and I hope everyone else has the chance to go for theirs too!
In the midst of looking at etsy I listed some new pieces, and realised that my folksy shop has been set to holiday mode since Christmas ooops! I’ve fixed that and I’m listing some stuff up there as I type; it’s loading slowly in the background.
I also followed a link to a very set of some amazing crocheted pieces you should all look at! Traffic cones, wheelie bins and poo! Brilliant!
I also routed through a giant box of material we inherited from a friend when they left Cardiff, so I’m looking and making plans and I think I’ll take out the sewing machine tomorrow J but tonight is all about trying a new recipe and heading to pottery class.
Oh and I’m getting very pin happy on Pinterest 🙂
I’ll leave you with a nice pic I took in the summer, remember back then when it was soooooo warm! Ah good times!

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