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Got that Friday feeling :)

Well hope everyone is in as good form as I am!
Tis a Friday I have a weekend of fun classes ahead of me (yep I know I’m weird) and a night of fun with the girls planned for tomorrow night. My orders are ready to go, just have to walk to the post office and then maybe go to yoga class, I’m not sure about that.
I’ve got a few new listings up in the last few days, check them out and I’ve been featured in some amazingly cute Treasuries!
I’ve joined a team on etsy the craftyfolk and will be taking part in their daily listings club, so I will aim to have at least one listing a day! Gulp! I can do it …right?
I’ve started to get my folksy shop up the level of my etsy one, still a ways to go but I got a shout out on twitter by folksy which is definitely encouraging me to keep going! It’ll get there!
I have been very productive and I have more stuff ready to photo once the light is good, hopefully I’ll get a chance on Sunday and I am almost there on figuring out a nice design for clip on ear studs, they are being very very difficult and I’m not listing them until they’re perfect!
I’m also eager to get back to the enamelling! The planned sewing this week never happened! But I did promise I was going to sew something I could wear this month so I have 11 days left to figure that out!
Of course whats really put a giant smile on my face J Is this pic I just uploaded of the boy and Orla bunny my little girls aren’t quite so little anymore! I love the expression on her face!

2 thoughts on “Got that Friday feeling :)

  1. Awww your bunny so cute!
    I have house bunnies too! Mine too have grown up a lot since then
    They are the best aren’t they?
    Well done on your very productive week…I’ve had one of those fuzzy heads week were I never felt like I even got started. Better hope for next week…. All the Best x

  2. I love my little girls, fantastic pets so glad we got them despite all the phone cables they have cost us! I’m about to do some yoga to relax and they are priceless once the mat comes out, they have to have a nose about and yesterday were climbing on me while I tried to stretch 🙂

    Everyone has a fussy headed week, I did nothing the first week of Jan and felt really guilty but it was just what I needed!

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