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Classes classes everywhere!

Well it’s been a busy ol week!

Back to my classes, ‘Pottery, Yoga and Tai Chi (what was I thinking) as well as Herbal Medicine next Saturday and some Yoga workshops I’m signed up for on Sundays! Also got a few hours in the museum which given its January and all is very very much appreciated!

But today was a “free” day, I spent it at my bench and when the sun quickly popped its head out I grabbed the camera and got some shots for new listings as well as some daylight shots of the enamel work from my last post. I’m really happy with how far through the constellation pendants I am, I’m doing the entire zodiac but I’m also doing some of the more obscure like Andromeda. It’s really fun and interesting and I very much want to go out star gazing soon! I’ll actually have a chance of knowing more then just the Plough and Orion now!

Now for some real work!
Bunny cages need cleaning 🙁

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