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Enamel bunnies everywhere!

Well Friday was enamel day, and I had great fun put on some really cheesy music and danced around the kitchen like a lunatic! We’re on the second floor so passersby can’t see in but I just hope the neighbour across the street wasn’t watching!
It was a success and a bust, I’ve working on making enamel stud earrings, and I started off with 8 earrings, I finished with this pair. I’m happy with them but I think it goes without saying there is work to do!
I did however also manage to get several bunny brooches prepped and ready to go. So listing should be going up over the next few days, and I’m very happy with the little guys J I might even give them names! Ooooh actually can I have name suggestions please!
Unfortunatly not the best photos on account of the lack of sunlight today, but here they are!
All bunny brooches are made from
enamel on copper
Gráinne as always likes to be involved!
No bunnies were harmed inthe making of these brooches!

I also had a go at this howling wolf pendant on sterling silver, and a copper pendant with two different colored sides, strung on a sterling silver jump ring and chain.

2 thoughts on “Enamel bunnies everywhere!

  1. I love the bunnies but the howling wolf is my personal favourite! Great work.

  2. Thanks 🙂 Loving the enamel! Going to get some hallmarking sent off this week and then next week is play time 🙂

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